Freemason Rain Live Wallpaper 14

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Masonic Live Wallpaper for Freemasons

Freemason Rain Live Wallpaper features many Masonic Illuminati backgrounds to choose from, There is also raining objects that come down the screen like many masonic symbols and icons. There are numerous settings on the settings screen to fully customize this live wallpaper.


*Rotation Settings turn rotation off/on for the falling objects.
*Choose from 5 different Masonry Backgrounds.
*Settings for wind speed.
*Settings for Wind Direction.
*Settings for gravity speed for the falling objects.
*Settings for 3 sets of masonic emblems that fall down the screen.
*Settings to turn the Skull off/on
*Settings to set the number of falling objects on the screen.

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Notice to people running Gingerbread, the settings screen may force close, but keep trying and it will eventually work. This is due to the small 32 MB memory heap in the gingerbread system.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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